What's the difference between a campaign, ad set/squad and ad?

Understanding your campaign structure in Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

TrustAds enables you to run rules at all three levels of your advertising campaigns. If you need a little reminder of each level, check out our breakdown below:


This is the top level of your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat campaign.

The Campaign is where you set your advertising objective, e.g. Brand Awareness, Conversions, Website Traffic. You can only choose one objective per campaign.

For information on all available advertising objectives across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network and Snapchat - check out these blog posts:

Your Campaigns will contain one or more ad sets or ad squads.

Ad Sets & Ad Squads

Ad Sets (or Ad Squads as they can be known in Snapchat) sit underneath your Campaigns.

Ad Sets/Squads are where you define your:

  • Budget
  • Targeting (Audience)
  • Schedule
  • Bidding
  • Placements

The ad set/squad level is where you'll likely position your products or services to different audience segments.

For example you might have separate ad sets for different genders, age groups, locations or income level - with the ads beneath tailored to your positioning for each.

You might also try different budget sizes, bidding strategies or placements across similar ad sets.

Your ad set(s) will contain one or more ads.


Your ads are the frontline of your campaign - these are your creatives (visuals, text, URL).

These ads are what your audience(s) (as defined in your ad sets) will actually see - enticing them to click, download, sign up, engage, purchase - whatever you're asking them to do based on your objective (as defined in your Campaign).


All three of these ad levels make up your advertising campaign structure. Your Campaign sits at the top, under which you can have multiple Ad Sets/Squads, each with multiple Ads of their own.

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